Haunted Wood Plot - Creeping Shadows  

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Yap, I managed to beat him on my first try after spending tons of NP on Bottled Faeries to bless my Bruce with Boil, Regenerate.

This is how I do it:

Round 1: 2 Scarab Rings and Steam Sheild. - No effect
Round 2: 2 Scarab Rings and Boil - No effect
Round 3: 2 Scarab Rings and Sink - Reduce half of their HP
Round 4: 1 Greater Healing Scroll, 1 Scarab Rings and Burrow - minus 5 of their HP
Round 5: 2 Scarab Rings and regenerate - minus more of his HP
Round 6: 2 Scarab Rings and Sink - Finished them off.

I am a happy camper tonight. LOL...

I can't beat Herman Dorfdrap anymore.

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