Game Master Challenge: Whack-A-Staff-Member  

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This game is quite simple :) Use the mouse to guide the mallet around the screen, and press the Space Bar to hit the staff member on the head. Hitting the Neopets will lose you points!


To get this avatar, you have to score 2250++ in the game and send it in.


Here's how the points are awarded: (Turn up your volume and hear what they say)
Adam - 3pts (all he says is ouch)

El Picklesaur - 4pts

Snarkie - 5pts

Mr. Roboto - 6pts

Voodoodidi - 7pts

DJ Skellington - 8pts

??? Anyone know her name? - 9pts

Viola - 10pts

Phantom aka the guy in orange shirt - 11pts

Tigercatcher - 12pts

Mr. Insane -13.499pts (he says "You are Fired!"

Dragona - 15pts

Poptart - 20pts

- If you happened to hit any of the neopets - Mynci, Blumaroo, or Usul, 10 points will be deducted. So avoid them.

- I play this game in small screen. So go to the size box and select "Small".

- Look out for Pop Tart to appears because she gives you 20 points.

- Try to hit the girls. They give out more points. I wonder why.

- Try to score at least 200pts per level. So that by level 10, you would get something like 2000pts. Then score the remaining 250pts in level 11 and 12. If you don't get 200pts, restart the game. That's what I did. I have scored 230pts in level 1.

- Practise. You have to practice a lot.

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