Game Master Challenge: Trouble at the National Neopian  

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Trouble at the National Neopian

I usually only play this game till I earn my 1000np. My best score of 2249 isn't anywhere near good enough to get me a trophy. There is no avatar for this game yet. And I hate the music for this game. Arrgghhh!!!

How to Play:
To control the security system you must use the keyboard.
The keys S, D, F control the three doors to the left of the screen, and
The keys J, K, L control the other three.

Treat this as a typing exercises. Move the screen where your eyes will see the center of the screen. Place your left hand on the SDF and right hand on the JKL. When you see the robbers, just hit the key. Quite simple. In the beginning it can be very slow. But it get faster. The speed peaks when your score is at 800-1000. Then it will slow down a bit. So this game is quite easy to qualify for the challenge because to get 100pts, the play is still at a slow speed.

Only press the security system when you see a robber!

There are 3 robbers. Here they are:

If you don't activate the alarm, the robber will steal half of your Neopoints! The one in NP. Not the GOLD.

Also, pressing the alarm for no reason will cost you 10NP for unnecessary use of the alarm system.

When you have 100NP, press the Space Bar to convert the 100NP into Gold Bar. This way the robbers can't steal them.

These are the customers:

There is a very rich customer who will make a huge deposit. Unfortunately, I don't have his screenie yet. He's that famous guy in orange shirt that you see him almost everywhere in Neopia. Will update his picture here when I catch him.

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