Game Master Challenge: Time Tunnel  

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Time Tunnel

In their adventures across the planet of Kreludor, Gorix and Cylara uncover a mysterious door covered with symbols. They don't know what is inside, it could be treasure, or more importantly - clues that will help them find the secret of Kreludor and defeat the evil Dr. Sloth.

This game gives me the heart ache. On Nov 1, I played this game hoping to get a trophy for November. I was 20 points short of getting the bronze. sob..sob..sob... Oh well, back to practise.

I can play this game but I can't explain this game very well. I will try to explain the best I can. This game works the same way as the Board Game: Master Mind.

To play Time Tunnel
You have to work out what secret code of four coloured stones opens the door. This are the colors:

For the first few round, you only get the white, grey, blue and red.

Click on each stone to change its colour:
It start off with white.
1 click turn stone to grey
2 clicks turn stone to blue
3 clicks turn stone to red
4 clicks turn stone to orange
5 clicks turn stone to purple

Once you have guessed, click on the submit button on the right.

The door will tell you how close your guess was to the correct answer.
You have a total 12 tries to guess the correct answer.

An Orange mark means that the stone is the correct colour, but in the wrong position.

Each Green mark means that it's the correct colour in the correct position.

A white coloured mark simply means an incorrect stone.

Let's go through one of my game and see if it make sense to you:

Puzzle #1:

1st try: Submit all white
Result: Nothing.

2nd try: Submit 3 grey - White, Grey, Grey, Grey.
Result: 1 green.
Meaning: One of your stone is place in the right slot.

3rd try: Submit 2 grey - White, White, Grey, Grey.
Result: 1 orange.
Meaning: I place the grey stone in the wrong slot. base on 2nd try's result, it means my grey should be in slot #2.

4th try: Submit Blue, Grey, Blue, Blue.
Result: 2 green.
Meaning: My grey is right and one of my blue is in the right slot. Now which one is it?

5th try: Submit Red, Grey, Blue, Red
Result: 2 green and 2 orange.
Meaning: 2 sloth is right, the other 2 is the right color but wrong slot.

6th try: Submit Blue, Grey, Red, Red
Result: Correct Answer.

Proceed to Next puzzle. You have to solve 12 puzzles to win the game.

Each puzzle, you are given a time bonus of 120 seconds. This bonus will be added to your final score. If you are only trying to qualify this game for the Game Master's list, then take your time. But if you want the trophy, act and think fast and play in the SMALL SCREEN mode because it move faster.

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