Game Master Challenge: Extreme Potato Counter  

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Extreme Potato Counter

You thought potato counting was boring, eh? Think again. It's back, it's awesome, and its totally tuber-ler!

Some totally radical potatoes are going to fly past the screen, and I want you to tell me how many you saw. Easy, huh? Now get counting!

How to play?

What can I say about this game. You count potato. Oh yes. This is a game you have to practise and practise and practise and practise. You got the picture? Practise.

Potato flying everywhere. So how many are there?

The first 2 levels are pretty slow.

Type in your answer and pray.

Ya.. you got the right answer. LOL.

Sometimes a carrot got throw in. Note- do not count the carrot. Remember this is a counting potato game. :D

To get this game qualified in the list, you have to count 50+ potato. I sent a score of 47 and it didn't registered. The 2nd time, I send a score of 66 and this time, it's registered played.


Submit a score of 200+

I haven't got this avatar yet. My best score is only 147. Still a long way to go.

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