Game Master Challenge: Extreme Herder  

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Extreme Herder:

In this game, you play Samrin the Kacheek, a simple shepherd who has to get his petpets to safety before Balthazar (who is very hungry after a day hunting faeries) eats them all.

How to Play:
Use the Arrow Keys to move.
You automatically pick up each petpet as you touch it. Use the Space Bar to drop the petpet.
Try and put them all into the paddock before Balthazar eats them.

The paddock is the square in the middle of the screen. To put petpets in it you just walk up to any of the four ramps with a petpet and the petpet will be safe from Balthazar.

You have three lives, and you lose one each time you, or a petpet gets eaten.

Picking up a Snowflake will freeze Balthazar temporarily, and picking up an orange speed orb will give you a temporary burst of speed!

Balthazar Frozen. But he willbe unfrozen very quickly. So act fast.


Submit a score of 250+

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