Tarla's Toolbar Treasures!  

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So what did I just got myself from her alert? See for yourself. <>

3 cheers for Tarla. Hippe Hurray! Hippe Hurray! Hippe Hurray!

This sure make up for the 20k np I lost at Pawkeet slot last night. I am a happier camper now. LOL.

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First the one hundred dublon and now this secret lab map.... You are so fortunate to be able to catch the alert. Even when I am at home, I always missed it.


3:39 PM

Cynthia, I think Tarla giveaway happens at around 12:30pm Singapore Time. I try to observe this to confirm. You can only get 1 item a day though.

4:00 PM

So then what time is 12:30 Singapore Time in EST?

4:02 AM

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