Haunted Woods Plot - The Characters  

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Name of the Haunted Woods village : Neovia

Characters of the Plot (will update as the plot progresses)

Gilly, an usul - a lost traveller

Mustachioed Elephante, an elephante - the story teller


The family:

The father - Edmund, a skeith

The mother - Alice, a zafara

Elder son - Bruno, a gelert

Younger son - Reginald, a lupe

Daughter - haven't been revealed yet. She is the only one who is not affected by the maddness.


Lily, an aisha - Bruno's love interest

Oscar, a kougra - Lily's boyfriend

Mysterious Krawk - Potion seller

Ilere, Earth Faerie - A figure from ghost stories told by children. Reginald gave his sister to her for safe keeping.

Characters introduced in Part 3:

Mayor of Neovia, a Bruce

Spirit of Slumber, a Lupe

Characters introduced in Chapter 1 and 2:

Sophie - The little sister of the family?

Beast - Sophie's elder brother - Bruno
He has turned into a beast.

New Character introduced in Chapter 5:


Brain Tree

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