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Hissi Day - May 4th

As of October 2006, they are the 51st most popular with just over 200,000 living in Neopia because they are "limited edition" pet.

The Hissi is a snake-like Neopet with wings. It was released May 4, 2005. Hissi have acute vision and a keen sense of smell which makes them extremely good at games of hide and seek.

Famous Hissis include:
* Kastraliss

The evil purple snake-like monster who flies through Bogshot Village spreading death and decay, who is possibly the model for the Hissi, since he appeared as a battledome challenger for the Defenders of Neopia first series. Darigan Hissis are thought to be modelled after Kastraliss due to their resemblance to each other. It should also be noted that the Snowager looks like a wingless Hissi, and Ice Hissis bear a striking resemblance to him as well.

* The monster in the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku.

* A two headed Mutant Hissi in the The Tale of Woe Plot.

One head tells lies and one head tells the truth. The Hissi is blocking a road, so the player needs to know wich head tells the truth.

* Layton Vickles

Left Forward for Darigan Citadel Team in the 2006's Altador Cup. This slithering scorer is incredibly difficult to guard, winding in and out of traps with the greatest of ease. As one might imagine, his shots aren't very powerful, but his arsenal of fakes and feints around the net are all but irresistible.

Layton was awarded the "All-Stars - Forwards" award in the Altador cup awards ballot.

Avatar releated to Hissi:
Hissi Ice

View the pet lookup of a 120+ day old Ice Hissi.

Some Hissi pet if you are interested:

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