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Grundo Independence Day - Aug 24th

As of October 2006, the Grundo ranked 10th out of 50+ species on the site. Over 5.8 million have been adopted.

Originally they did not come from Neopia, but kidnapped and forced to work on the Virtupets Space Station by Dr. Frank Sloth during his attempted invasion. After being freed from Dr Sloth's clutches many Grundos left the Space Station and have set up homes all over the planet.

Grundos are a little unusual. They are restricted and the only way to adopt one is through the Virtupets Space Station Adoption Agency. There are 7 colors for you to choose.

Grundos were once imprisoned by Dr. Sloth's evil regime. Through his evil ways and experiments, he mutated the peace loving Grundo into beefed up, mind-warped warriors. Only through the collaborative efforts of all the citizens of Neopia and the Space Faerie were the Grundos able to be freed from their cruel enslavement and adopted into new caring homes. Grundos are believed to have come to Neopia from space. While their cute demeanor may be a bit on the goofy side, their intelligence should not be underestimated. These neopets were capable of space travel after all.

In the Neopets TCG, Grundos are associated with the element of light.

Famous Grundos include:

* Gorix

Long ago, during Dr. Sloth's reign over the Space Station, the dastardly villain captured Gorix and forced him to be an unwilling pawn in his plots to take over Neopia. These days, even though Grundos have achieved independence, a group of underground freedom fighters continues to remain vigilant. As a member of this resistance, Gorix always believed that Dr. Sloth would be back one day, and his assumptions were correct.

During Dr. Sloth's latest invasion, Gorix was forced to flee the Virtupets Space Station with Cylara when Dr. Sloth found that they had overheard his plans. After a close call with Sloth's bounty hunters, the pair fled to an escape shuttle that landed on the moon of Kreludor.

+ Blarthrox

Once a loyal member of Dr Sloths elite task force, this Grundo now prefers to add to his vast collection of Ummagine paraphernalia.

+ Grimilix

Unaware of Doctor Sloths defeat at the hands of the Space Faerie, Grimilix continues to wait patiently for the day when his leader finally calls upon him to swoop down and conquer Neopia.

+ Tazzalor

With his programming days behind him, Tazzalor now earns his keep sailing the high seas, in search of pirate treasure.

+ Zyrolon

Once a member of Sloths team of programmers, Zyrolon has now been reduced to the lowly task of repairing old vending machines

* Gargarox Isafuhlarg

When he isnt compacting lovely gourmet food into easy to swallow nutrient pills, Gargarox loves to play Gormball. His cafe 'Grundos' supplies all the catering for the major championships.

He is also the cook at the Grundos Cafe in the Space Station.

* Zygorax

The star of the game Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars.

* Truddgon

A 34 years old star of the game Tug-O-War.

* The Spider Grundo

He is a Grundo that was mutated into a spider-like Grundo by Dr. Frank Sloth. The Spider Grundo retained his four original limbs and gained six spider legs.

The Spider Grundo is also the boss in the Haunted Woods, part 4 of NeoQuest II. 1,200 HP. Found near the end of the Cave of Dark Things.

* Qyldae Wegg

Left Forward for Kreludor. Despite an otherwise fine career, he'll probably always be best known for the one time that he accidentally flung the Yooyuball into his own team's net, a mental error that caused Kreludor to be eliminated from that year's regionals. The only way Kreludor's fans will ever forgive him is if he can somehow help them to a victory of the cup.

* Weldar Xupenfarb

Right Defender on the Virtupets team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This strapping mutant provides a punishing presence on defence for the Space Station's squad. That being said, he's not exactly the most fleet footed player you've ever seen. Quick players with above-average passing skills should have no trouble running circles around him.

* Xila Kitae

Xila Kitae is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Goalkeeper for Kreludor. This promising young 'keeper has shown plenty of improvement during her brief tenure in front of the net. If she continues to work hard and develop her skills, she should be an All-Star calibre netminder in a year or two.

* Zenor Kevix

Zenor Kevix is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Right Forward for Kreludor. This pint-sized dynamo is constantly on the move. Those who fail to keep up and leave him unguarded, even if just for a moment, usually pay dearly. Though his shots are deadly accurate, they don't usually have a lot of power behind them.

Avatar related to Grundo:
Faerie Grundo Avatar

Visit a Faerie Grundo's lookup page

Freak Grundo avatar

Score 1250+ at Freaky Factory

Gormball avatar

Win a game of Gormball

Grundo - Forever orange Avatar

Have an Orange grundo and go to your userlookup.

Grundo Snow Throw Avatar

Score 10,000 in Snow Wars II

Grundo Warehouse Avatar

Go to Grundo Warehouse in virtupets space station and enter A384J-228P1 on the left column where it says 10 character code ~ It is case sensitive, so remember to enter the code in caps

Terror Avatar

Score 3500+ at Typing Terror
Tips: Go after those broken up robots. Try to score at least 500pts in the 1st round. If not, just restart until you do.

Some Grundo Pet:

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