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Buzz Day - Jan 11th

As of October 2006, the Buzz is ranked about 37th out of 50+ species, with 1,923,628 flying around Neopia.

The Buzz is a dragonfly-like species of Neopet. Buzz have excellent eyesight and can fly very quickly, allowing them to easily obtain the berries they love to eat, they are also known to be predatory despite having tiny teeth. They may look mean, but have kind personalities.

It was released on January 11, 2000, and was called the Fleye, which looked like a flying eyeball but was changed into reptillian insectoids on July 24, 2000. Despite a later makeover resulting in a rounder and cuter version, many people still think they look unattractive; they are relatively rare in Neopia.

In the Neopets TCG, Buzz are associated with the element of darkness.

Famous Buzz include:

* Korabric

Korabric was the researcher in charge of the facility that has now become the Jungle Ruins. He locked himself in the upper tower, and awaits rescue at the hands of a brave adventurer..

* Sergeant Brexis

He is second in command to Judge Hog of the Defenders of Neopia. Brexis is a young, brave Buzz that flies around Neopia fighting bad guys when they pop up. He was first seen in Defenders of Neopia Chapter 4, "Meuka Attacks!" when Meuka attacks a small village. Not much more is known about Brexis, except for his appearance in DoN and a book called Behind Brexis.

* Buzz Avenger

Souring high above the city he watches for injustice, seeking to make his world a better place for everyone.

Avatar Related to Buzz:

Attack Mode Avatar

Go HERE , right click and view the source. Search for "buzz1". Find the URL. Tack it onto and it should look something like this:

Baby Buzz

In the search bar (the one on the left sidebar) type i love baby buzz!

Buzzin' Avatar

You have to paint your buzz at the rainbow fountain.

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