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Taking a break from talking about the Pet. While searching around about the information on Pets, I came across some interesting facts about the Neopet Team. Thought I will share with all of you. This is what I found out.

The Neopets Team

The term used to describe the workers at Neopets Inc. and sometimes referred to as TNT. The official mailing list for the account on Neopets is the ONLY account which has the "TNT" avatar.

If you received any neomail who claim there are from The Neopet Team and don't have this avatar, report them. As long as it's a neomail from TNT, they will have this exclusive avatar for TNT use only.

The avatar looks like this:

Many of the members of the team were killed off during the Neopets Staff Sacrificers in Year 1and Ski Lodge Murder Mystery and in Year 2.

Sacrificers was a plot revolving are members of The Neopets Team, who were being sacrificed one by one Mumbo Pango until a single member remained. Began August 18, 2000 and ended November 10, 2000. A lot like Survivors.

The original idea for the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery plot has long since been lost to time, but it served as a very interesting, rather dark, and fairly egotistical outing, as many plots were back in the earlier days. TNT wished to vacation at the Terror Mountain Ski Lodge around the time Terror Mountain was originally created (rather, around the time the peak became available to the public; it was possibly this plot that gave rise to the name, or this name that gave rise to the plot). However, the idyllic mountain retreat soon proved to be the scene of many gruesome murders as the staff members found themselves dropping like flies in varied and somewhat disturbing modes of murder.

These Accounts belong to The Neopets Team:
(if you want to check them up, just do a search at the Neopet site.)

Official Neopets Team Account: theneopetsteam
Auction Accounts: balthazar, dr_death, dr_sloth, illusen, jeran, jhudora
Contest Account: contest_judge
Neopets Air Faerie: cronjobbia
Neopets Lawyer: lawyerbot
Neopets Monitor: amadeine, borovan, cyberangel, djskellington, dom_dread, donna, jmorpheous, kryptor, multiplayer_setup, neo_storytelling, neopets, nt_editor, obrodhage, snowbunny, tyler_durden, voodoodidi, watchingover
Neopets Programmer: dahling, dirigibles, dirtside, flighttime, snarkie
Neopets Writer: dragona
Neopets Artist: soupfaerie
Neopets Test Account: hassaku, paganmachine
Side Accounts: feli, lunchboxloon, slothpeon

So who are in the Neopet Team?

Adam Powell

He is the co-founder of Neopets. Jointly launched the website with Donna Williams on November 15, 1999, starting from an idea they had in 1997 while sitting in a dingy little computer room, possibly while eating kebabs or pizza. Although Neopet has been sold (and helped him made tons of real money), Mr. Powell is still working at Neopet. He is currently focusing on the technical and programming aspects of the Neopets website, and is still the head of the developers for the game.

Adamn's Neopets account is borovan. His love for asparagus is all over Neopet. If you type in "Asparagus" on the Neopets search engine, Adam will show up and say, "You can't have it, it's all MINE!"

Go try it. LOL.

It is said on Mr. Powell's birthday, every Neopet becomes asparagus! He also has 4 out of the 5 of his pets on his user account as Asparagus Chias. The other is a Red Bori, which is usually in its "sad" pose.

He is occasionally called Number Six, a nickname taken from the 60s show The Prisoner, and also has a Plushie named after him on the site. There is also a highly sought after Avatar related to him, to get this you must have exactly the same amount of Neopoints as his account.

You can check how much he has here.

Donna Williams

Created Neopets alongside Adam. She mostly helps create plots, oversees the magazine, and writes the weekly editorial in the Neopian Times. She goes by the username of Donna. Throughout the site, and in plots involving The Neopets Team, her nickname is Poptart.

A secret avatar was recently created after her. To get it, you need to send in a score of at least 2,250 points in Whack-A-Staff-Member.

When Neopets began, Donna took care of the artwork for the site. If you dig around hard enough on the internet, you can still find some of her images floating around. Her first image is said to be a Chia.

Her account at Neopet is called Donna. On her userlookup, it's said she is Root Canal CHAMPION and "I have 2 cats and a cockatiel. I like music, going out with friends and playing computer games.

I make a pretty delicious shepherd's pie and a mean quesadilla too! "

Doug Dohring
Doug Dohring is owner of The Dohring Company, a marketing research firm based in Glendale, California. He was the former CEO of Neopets, buying the site from Adam Powell and Donna Williams and then selling it to Viacom (owners of Nickelodeon and MTV as well as many other channels).

Doug Hill
Doug Hill is a member of The Neopets Team in Year 1, answering e-mails from users and coming up with new ideas for Neopets.


Dragona is a writer for Neopets. She has written some of the Gallery of Evil. She is also known as the 'Sock Eating Dragon'. Her first Neopet that she created was a Zafara which apparently crosses 2 of her favorite creatures, the Bunny-Rabbit and the Dragon. This Neopet has since disappeared from her account. She played for Terror Mountain during the Altador Cup in 2006.

Mister Shankly

Mister Shankly, real name Josh, is primarily involved in the writing side of Neopets. His duties have included being editor of the Neopian Times up until issue 75 (when Snowflake took over), the Storytelling contest and writing Neopedia articles. He has also taken part in Staff Plots, such as the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.

Mr Shankly also has a love of Dung, and many of the submissions to the his final Neopian Times were about dung as a parting gift.

Mr. Insane
Mr. Insane's username on Neopets is dirtside. Uses Linux and loves binary. Credited for creating the following games:

* Deadly Dice
* NeoQuest and NeoQuest II
* Sewage Surfer
* Faerie Crossword
* Cheat!
* Employment Agency
* Fetch!

He is known for programming the Neopets' Lost Desert plot. His account at Neopet is dirtside

Rik Kinney
Rik Kinney is the executive vice president of Neopets. There is an interview on him which you can read here


Snowflake was a former member of The Neopets Team, and was known as being the Editor of the Neopian Times. Her last issue as editor was issue 195. She is succeeded by Droplet


She participated in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament and has chosen Krawk Island as her team.


TPOSG, or The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, is a member of The Neopets Team. Real name Ollie.
TPOSG is mostly famous for the many easter eggs he leaves in some of his flash games, usually featuring himself.

He received the name The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy after a Petpage dedicated to Neopets Oddities won the Site Spotlight. The Petpage listed many of his easter egg appearances, and wondered who he was. The name is based on the fact that he was almost always pictured in an orange shirt, and left very little evidence of himself, other than the brief appearances.

I couldn't find information on these members except that they either are or used to be a Member of TNT.

Black Widow


Electric Blue Monkey

Mr. Roboto


She is a programmer of The Neopets Team. She has been known to appear on the NeoBoards from time to time.

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