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The Haunted Wood Plot is still down and I have wasted 50,000np on that Brucey Slot. So to prevent myself from throwing more NP into Brucey or Pawkeet, (folks, gamblilng is a serious addiction, don't start! LOL) I decided to check up on some of the species in Neopia. Let's start off with my Bruce.

Pronunciation: Bruce - brooce - Bruces - brooce-ezz

Bruce love cold weather just like me. My room temperature is kept constantly at 18 degree C. (evil grin). Bruces love showing off their remarkable sense of balance by skating, dancing and generally being good at sports. Originally from the snowy land of Terror Mountain, Bruces can be found all over Neopia, even in the Lost Desert.

I didn't know this but Bruce is pretty crafty in the Battledome... well, as long as they have their trusty Fish Slingshot and Shield of Resistance. Their fighting technique is pretty much unstoppable with their tailor-made weapons, though they should hit the Training Academy more often. It doesn't hurt to be the best!

When Bruce are not strutting their stuff, they love a good snowball fight. You can't beat 20 odd NeoPets all pelting each other with snowballs and getting soaking wet. It is terrific fun!

Famous Bruce:


Benny, the Blade, is a pirate Bruce who assisted Captain Scarblade in the Curse of Maraqua plot. He was also a challenger in the ensuing war between the pirates and Maraqua.


No one is quite certain how to categorise Boochi. Some see a visit from Boochi, which transforms them into an adorable baby, as a wonderful gift. Others, however, cringe at the thought and get jumpy with the mere mention of this Bruce.

Most agree, though, that whether good or evil, he is certainly mischievous. You never know when you will encounter Boochi. He may jump out of a bush and fire his ray gun at you on the way to the market tomorrow, or perhaps he'll never cross your path at all. I really do not want a visit from this baby.

Brucey B

A Bruce who has a habit of playing Cheat!, Brucey B is a Bingo caller by nature, but in his nights off he likes to play the odd game of Cheat. Still learning, but by no means a beginner, Brucey will catch you out with the old triple-bluff maneuver. He also tends to hide his cards under the table, so you will not know he has won until the last minute!

Once he helped save the Lost Desert from Dr. Frank Sloth and his army of Grundos in a plot titled Brucey B and the Lucky Coin.

You can read all about it from Brucey B and the Lucky Coin and Brucey B's War Tent


Denethrir the Scholar is an absentminded wizard who is investigating the tower above the Jungle Ruins. He knows the secrets of the Gaia Wands, should you bring him the right items. He can be found in Jungle Ruins - Tower 1, Neoquest I.

Kakoni Worrill

Kakoni Worrill is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, a Centre Forward for Faerieland. He possessed the uncanny ability to spot an open teammate and hit them with a perfect pass, to make up for his lack of scoring ability.


Ramtor is a Bruce wizard who usurps Meridell King Skarl from his throne in NeoQuest II.

Ramtor put the guards of Meridell castle under his spell and forced King Skarl of the throne and into the dungeon of his tower. He was eventually forced to retreat from Meridell when Rohane was close to defeating him, because he wasn't taking him seriously. Back in his tower, Ramtor fought against Rohane again with two Demonic grarrls, but was defeated.

The top boss for the Meridell portion of the game. Ramtor has 200 hp and flees the first time you fight him, when his health is down 50%.

Tormo "The Terror" Frein

Tormo "The Terror" Frein is also a players for 2006's Altador Cup, but he is a Right Defender for Darigan Citadel. When this relentless defender gets an assignment to cover someone, he stays on them from the time they leave the locker room until the final whistle blows. Over the years, many a flashy forward has seen their consecutive games scoring streak halted by the nonstop aggression of this pesky defenseman.

Games that feature a Bruce:

Brucey B Slots

To play you need to wager your Neopoints on anywhere from one to seven lines (click the various line buttons to see the ways in which you can win). You can bet anywhere between 1 and 50 NP per line.

To win, simply get 3 or more matching symbols in a row (starting from the left reel)! In fact, the Jack, Queen, King, Ace and Lucky Coin are worth more so you only have to get 2 of those. The Geb (the little pyramid guy) is a wildcard, and will match any other symbol, and to win the Jackpot (which goes up every spin) you need to get 5 Lucky Coins. Good Luck!

Are you tired of those goody two shoes games where honesty and fair play are the aim of the game? Don't you just once wish you could cheat and get away with it? Well, now you can. Use all of your skill and cunning to beat your opponents in a breath taking game of Cheat! If you beat the 3rd, 5th or 7th rounds, you also earn a trophy!

It only costs 50 NP per play. So what are you waiting for? Get Cheating!

This is the easier game to get a trophy.

Brucey B here is not very good with this game.

How to play:
Check Here for instruction.

NeoQuest II
Ramtor, King Skarl's advisor,took over the throne of Meridell and put King Skarl in his tower's dungeon, and slowly begins to take over the land. In Trestin, Rohane notices this change in the land and decides to head out on an adventure with his Father's sword.

Rink Runner
The Annual Happy Valley Skating competition (Year 8) is not far away, so it's time for you to practice some of your best moves!

Use the mouse to direct the Bruce and catch as many notes in as few jumps as possible! The notes will change color over time until they turn red and disappear. Your score at the end of each round will be given to you by the three judges below.

Be sure to avoid the sharps (#) and flats (b) .

Over time the ice will crack, and reveal water beneath the rink. If you land in it, you'll sink and be disqualified!

n this game you play Brucey B. Tap the keys to pull your opponent into the river!!! Can you defeat the mysterious Jetsam and collect all the passwords? Good luck!

Every round you can score 20 points for winning, plus another possible 40 points depending on how fast you complete the level. There are eighteen levels to beat in total.

Articles on the Neopian Times on Bruce:
Brucey B Chronicles
Reeling in the Slot Tycoons
Bruce also make special appearance in this article in Neopedia : Potato Counter

Bruce Weapons:
Bruce Battle Blade - 9,500np

Bruce Shield - 12,897np

Bruce Fish Slingshot - 7,500np
High-speed projectile fish lobber. Beware!

Bruce Bodyarmor - 4,490np
This is a great defence weapon!

Fish Bone Bruce Sword - 6,795np
Endless Use Item

Bruce Icicle Spear - 6,200np
This spear has been modified to create a superb battledome item.

Icy Bruce Boomerang of Doom

Feathered Bruce Helm - 5,888np

Studded Bruce Bow Of Protection

Full Bruce Armour

Books on Bruce:
Guide to Bruces - 1,249 NP

One Bad Bruce - 2,150 NP

Being Bruce - 1,999 NP

Bruce Beauty Tips - 3,500 NP

Bruce Snowball Strategies - 700 NP

Bruce Carols - 3,699 NP

Book of Bruce - 3,350 NP

Bruces Magic Guide - 3,748 NP

The Little Book Of Bruce - 5,149 NP

The Bruce Book - 5,500 NP

A Tale of Three Bruces - 28,990 NP

Brucey B Biography - 19,000 NP

Secret Bruce Journal - 34,999 NP

Life Behind the Bow tie - 60,000 NP

A Special Christmas - 6,350 NP

Life Is Good - 25,000 NP

Tying Your Bow - 3,399 NP

When Bruces Fly - 11,696 NP

Bruces Guide to Combat Eating???

Avatars related to Bruce

Let it snow

Default Bruce Avatar

I checked through Neopia Gallery and found someone with a gallery full of Bruce related items. I wanted to give him/her credit for this but I closed my page before I could get the name down. Sigh... never do thing in a rush....

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