Neo Wardrobe  

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In the Issue: 259 | 29th day of Gathering, Y8 of the Editorial which was just released, there was a question:

Hi, on an older account, I remember playing a game called NeoWardrobe. Does this game exist? Did it ever exist, or was it a dream? ~bcdsspare
It wasn't a dream! NeoWardrobe was a very old game in Faerieland. In the game, you could dress your Neopet up in some costumes, which was followed by a brief animation. Sounds fun, huh? Well, not really, at least by today's standards. It has extremely old art, and well... it's here if you want to play it and see for yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you.

So here it is:

There is only a few species which you can dress up. So on a boring day, play dress up. ROFLOL.

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