Haunted Woods Plot - Beginning  

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A new plot has begun. Lots of people have been talking about this Haunted Wood plot. It's in the News just released.

Wandering through the Haunted Woods is never advised, even in daylight, but if you happen upon a gypsy Elephante during your travels, rest a while and listen as he tells the Tale of Woe.

When you click on the link, it will bring you to the Haunted Woods.

First, click on the campfire. (Behind Spooky PetPet)

That will bring you to The Gypsy Camp.

This strange, spooky gypsy camp looms out of the forest before you.

A mustachioed Elephante beckons you over to his wagon...

He says:

"It's dangerous to get lost in these woods," he says. "Trees and creatures roam the night, and they can swallow the unwary. It's no accident that so many legends and myths surround this place; in fact, I was reading about one just now. Would you like to hear about it?"

Then click 'See what he's got to say...'

That will lead you to the part 1 of the comic.

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