Defenders of Neopia - The Ultimate Guide Part 2  

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Meant to complete this guide but somehow got distracted. Part 1 is here. So here's the final part of this guide.

Mission 8: Meerca Hemchmer

Difficulty Rating: 150

starting Hit Points: 175

Location Hint There is a rumour of a trap door somewhere in the Lost Desert
(Refresh at the Trapped Door page in the Lost Desert until you get it.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 85

Tip: The Meerca Brothers have some nasty weapons. Although this battle is possible with 55 strength, it requires some very expensive weapons. Decide if you want to continue training or invest hundreds on expensive weapons.

Start this battle much like the others: Freezing the brothers while throwing a Water Muffin and burrowing.
Once they are frozen, hit them with 2 more muffins while using your berserk attack.
During your third turn, use the expensive but amazing Thick Smoke Bomb so you won't incur any damage as you throw one last Water Muffin using berserk attack.

This should stop those Meercas dead in their tracks. If at any point in the battle things go seriously wrong (such as your opponent freezes you for a turn), don't waste your resources! Either allow yourself to lose, or stop and return to the status page to restart the match.

Thick Smoke Bomb - 9,799 NP

Mission 9: Giant Ghostkerchief

Difficulty Rating: 250

starting Hit Points: 250

Location Hint The first day of the Month of Storing is quite an interesting date...
(Find this Challenger visiting the News Page.

Suggested Minimum Strength: 125

Tip: TNT's advise is that this battle is possible to win with 85 strength, but it would require you to invest in very expensive items. So it's recommended to raise your strength to 125 instead. The Giant Ghostkerchief has devastating weapons and the ability to fully heal, so beware.

You can defeat this villian by:
Burrowing, using a 100% freeze item, and hitting him with a Scuzzy's Comb (an endless-use weapon).
With your opponent frozen, hit him with a Water Muffin and a Honey Potion (a once-per-battle item that never breaks) with berserk attack to really knock down his Hit Points.
During your next turn, use a Smoke Bomb to negate damage, while using berserk with another Water Muffin.
Continue to pound at him with a Scuzzy's Comb, while using a Downsize! and/or the Jade Elixir (a single-use item that heals yoru Neopet 100%) until the Giant Ghostkerchief is defeated.

Scuzzy's Comb - 500,000np

Honey Potion - 785,000np

Jade Elixir - 8,400np

Mission 10: Evil Sloth Clone

Difficulty Rating: 85

starting Hit Points: 100

Location Hint Your Neopet will weigh a lot less here
(Get this challenger on the Moon of Kreludor.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 125

Tip: This opponent is a pushover and can be defeated with a lower strength if your Neopet isn't trained to 125.

All you need are Exploding Snowballs and a couple of Scarab Rings for this battle, so you don't need expensive weapons, either.
Just burrow while using a freezing item and a Scarab Ring, then (if he hasn't frozen you) hit him with 2 snowballs, and finally finish him off with whatever you have left.

A note from TNT : There are multiple Sloth Clones, so you will have to repeat this battle four times. Also, your opponent's Hit Points will increase by approximately 12 points each time you battle, so your final opponent will have about 137 health when the battle begins.

Mission 11: Snow Beast

Difficulty Rating: 300

starting Hit Points: 300

Location Hint Well, this Valley USED to be happy ...
(You can find him at Terror Mountain. Maybe pay a visit to the Advent page and refresh a while there! You may also find him while playing Cliffhanger.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 125

Tip: This is one vicious opponent who can heal, freeze and completely devastate you with his weapons. Although it is possible to beat himw ith 125 boost, TNT suggest training your Hit Points to 150.

Begin by freezing the Snow Beast and hitting himn with a Water Muffin while using the Faerie Ability "sink".
Once he's frozen, hit the Snow Beast with a Honey Potion and a Water Muffin, and berserk again.
For your final turn, use a Scuzzy's Comb (or other weapon of your choice), your Jade Elixir, and burrow.

Mission 12: Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby

Difficulty Rating: 350

starting Hit Points: 350

Location Hint Free food in Tyrannia isn't without it's risk...
(Get this Challenger as a Random Event while grabbing yourself an Omelette.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 200

Tip: You can defeat this beast with 125 strength, but it's will be very easy if your strenth is 200. If you don't feel like training, use techniques similar to those you employed in previous matches and hope for the best.
If you have trained, use that faithful Purple Sticky Hand to try to snatch away the Chomby's Thyora's Tear, while freezing him and using sink.
Hit him with your Honey Potion and Water Muffin with berserk, then berserk again with the Thick Smoke Bomb and Water Muffin.
Finally, berserk a third tiime with the stolen Thyora's Tear and your Scuzzy's comb or other weapon.
If he has any residual Hit Points remaining, use yoru burrow ability with yrou healer and finish him off with the Scuzzy's Comb.

Thyora's Tear - 35 million np

Mission 12: Mootix Warrior

Difficulty Rating: 375

starting Hit Points: 375

Location Hint He's already on your list of challengers.

Suggested Minimum Strength: 200

Tip: This battle plays out much like the previous one if you have 200 strength. If you don't, though, there are some clever ways to defeat this opponent...
Repeat the steps from the last battle but instead of the Thyora's Tear, use a healer and finish him off with a Scuzzy's Comb or any other weapon while burrowing.
If he's still causing trouble, have fun with those Ice Dice that your Sticky Hand stole from Him.

Ice Dice

Mission 13: Kastraliss

Difficulty Rating: 400

starting Hit Points: 400

Location Hint It's all in the name ...
(Look up Kastraliss on the yellow search bar and refresh at the user lookup or the pet lookup. There is one here!)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 200

Tip: Your Sticky Hand is no longer good enough for this battle, and you'll need to be especially careful, because Kastraliss can both freeze and heal.

Freeze, use your constant weapon (your endless-use item, like the Scuzzy's Comb), and sink until you are able to freeze him without him also freezing you the first turn.
hit him with the Honey Potion and Water Muffin with berserk, then use your Smoke Bomb and berserk with another Water Muffin.
If he's still up, heal yourself, hit him with your strongest weapon, and burrow.

Mission 14: Slug Monster

Difficulty Rating: 500

starting Hit Points: 500

Location Hint Supposedly he likes "slug flakes" on his food ...
(Refresh at the Slug Monster Go Away page in the Maraquan Ruins with Slug Flakes in your inventory. Note* This challenger can poison your pet!)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 200

Tip: It is recommended that you trained your Hit Points to 225.
This opponent can heal and freeze. This battle will play out much like the one before, so use the same method, and don't bother using a Sticky Hand.
Equip another weapon instead.
If you have him down to his last few Hit Points and are left with just your constant weapon, be sure to defend to reduce your damage.

Mission 15: The Drenched

Difficulty Rating: 600

starting Hit Points: 600

Location Hint They are fun to fight if you need something to do on a rainy day...
Suggested Minimum Strength: 250

Tip: These villains heal often, so you may want to up your strength to 250 or invest in more powerful weapons. Even at 250 strength, this battle can still be difficult.

First, these evil ladies can reflect water attacks and like to use those ever-so-helpful Water Muffins... Against you!
Equip that handy little Leaf Shield you used way back in your early battles to protect your Neopet. Stone Muffins are also suggested, if you haven't use them already. It might be wise to invest in a Sword of Apocalypse or another item that can do more damage. Continue to play out the battle as previously described.

Mission 16: Qasalan Mummy

Difficulty Rating: 550

starting Hit Points: 550

Location Hint Qasala has quite an interesting tale. Perhaps you should read up on it.
(Visit Maraqua on a rainy day and refresh the weather page.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 250

Tip: Radioactive Muffins are recommended for this battle.

Use your constant weapon (like the Sword of Apocalypse), a Radioactive Muffin, and the Faerie Ability known as "drain life."
Then, use another muffin, freeze, and burrow.
Next, using berserk, hit the Mummy with a Honey Potion and your last muffin.
Finally, use your Smoke Bomb, berserk, and your constant weapon to try to finish him off. If he's still up, heal and do your best to rid him of the last of his Hit Points with your constant weapon.

Sword of Apocalypse - 1.5 million np

One last very important tip. After a battle, be sure to visit Defenders Headquarters and claim your prize. If you do not and just go on to the next challenger, the Defenders of Neopia will not give you credit for your victory! And you have to re-fight them again.

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