Avatar: Count Von Roo  

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Yap, finally got this avatar after several months and my pet's level took a heavy beating. She went as low as 7. Today by winning the Count, she was promoted 2 levels.

How do you get the AV?
You must tie with him first when you roll the dice. Then you have to beat him.

How to play the game?
You should have a level 3 or higher pet. This is because with only level 1 or 2, you aren't able to lose two levels in case you tie and lose. Yap, if you lose, you will lose 2 levels.

You can only play this game for 1 hour when Count Von Roo is awake. That is from midnight (12 am) to 1 am NST (3-4pm) SGT or (4-5pm) SGT depending on their daylight saving times.

Where can you find the Count?
Here at Roo Island.

A Warning:
You will lose this avatar if you play this game again and tie with the count and lost to him on the 2nd round. So my advise is don't play this game after you got the avatar.

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