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Council Chamber

The council chamber holds the twelve seats of the Heroes of Altador. This is where they meet to debate the issues facing the great kingdom of Altador.

Jerdana and Altador smile as you enter. "Welcome back," Jerdana says. "Would you like me to repeat the story of how Altador's history was hidden and later freed?"

This is the story:

Jerdana bids you forward, and begins to tell you the story again.

"Surely you are aware of the recent chaos wrought by the Betrayer, also called, by some, the Darkest Faerie." She glances askew for a moment at King Altador, who raises an eyebrow but says nothing. "Freed from her underwater prison, she wrested control of the kingdom from us, and attempted to remake Altador in her own image. The cornerstone of her plan was to destroy the history of Altador, by means both physical and magical. She intended to destroy every history book in Altador, and then cast a spell to change the memories of every citizen so that she would be remembered as the true founder of the kingdom."

"We received word of her plan just before she was to put it into effect. It was too late to keep her from taking control of the kingdom, but not too late to preempt her magic with some of our own. It was his majesty's idea--" She smiles briefly at Altador. "--but I was the one who cast the spells. As Finneus correctly divined, there were two halves to the spell."

"The first half of the spell draped a veil across our memories of Altador's history, as well as hiding any writings pertaining to that history. The spell also erased the Betrayer's memory of her very own plan to rewrite our history. However, it did not erase her memory of having conquered Altador in the first place, for this was something she had secretly desired since before the kingdom was even founded."

"This is the spell you broke moments ago, by destroying the statue of the Betrayer. I embedded the power source for the spell within her statue, knowing that in her mad quest for glory, she would likely destroy all the statues in the Hall except for her own."

"The second half of the spell provided for magical clues that would eventually lead you to the mechanism for destroying her statue. I am sorry it was such a long and drawn-out process, but I had to make sure that only someone persistent would try to solve it. The Betrayer has no patience for obscure puzzles, and she would hopefully have not realized that there was a puzzle to solve, even had she come across the first clue. Thankfully, she was vanquished before she did."

"However, this meant that every citizen of Altador--including myself and the king--had lost our memories of not only Altador's storied past, but also our memories of having cast the spell entirely. Complicating things even more is the fact that none of us were even aware that anything was missing. But the very design of the puzzle ensured that someone such as yourself would come across it and attempt to unravel the mystery."

She grins at Finneus, who stands off to one side, looking abashed. "Our Archivist, alas, came to the wrong conclusion about me while you were solving the puzzle. I did indeed steal Altador's history, but for the noblest of causes."

King Altador nods. "Indeed. Fear not, Finneus, for we can hardly blame you for misapprehending such a unique and dire situation."

Finneus blushes, embarrassed. "Of course not, your majesty."

Jerdana goes on. "The necklace you found hidden within the city wall was, as you guessed, the magical power source for the clues. As long as it remained undisturbed on its pedestal, it could reveal the clues one by one as they were solved. It did so by subtly manipulating both mind and matter; magically coercing certain citizens of Altador to undertake certain tasks, so as to provide you with the information necessary to solve the puzzle, as well as arranging physical objects, such as the clouds above Altador or the waves on the sea, to provide you with the clues to find the constellations."

Finneus pipes up. "This hero has acquitted themselves most capably in that regard, I must say." He smiles proudly at you.

"Indeed you have," Altador chuckles. "We will soon provide you with a choice of rewards for your service to the kingdom. You can return here to see whether those rewards are yet available."

Jerdana nods, then examines you. "You have done a great thing, these past months," she says. "We can but hope that the Darkest Faerie is truly banished from our realm, including all she has wrought. Good journeys to you, and may the sun shine wherever you go."

Click on the King and you will be taken to the reward page.

King Altador beckons you to step closer.

Altador beams at you as you approach. "So! We finally have a reward for your valiant efforts to restore the history of this great land. I must apologize for the delay, but it has taken us some time to regain our bearings. Suddenly remembering the entirety of one's history is quite taxing."

"Nevertheless, we do have your rewards. Our treasury is quite full, and so we have decided to award you a tidy sum of Neopoints." He waves at Gordos, the Collector, who steps over to you, carrying a bulging bag.

Gordos glares at you. "I hate parting with such a large sum of money, but what Altador wants..." he grumbles. "Here you go."

Altador smiles. "I hope that suffices. I regret that we couldn't provide more choice, but as I said, things are still a bit chaotic around here. And after all, this wasn't on the scale of what happened to the Lost Desert, or what will soon be happening in--" He stops. "Ahem. Nevermind."

"Well!" he continues. "You will always be welcome in Altador, and we will be eternally grateful for your services to us. Farewell for now."

Note: You can only claim your prize if you have completed the whole plot. Fortunately, the plot is not closed yet. So you can still go and complete it. For those who hasn't started, hurry up.

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