Trophy Game: Go! Go! Go!  

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This is mainly a game of chance, luck. It's trophy levels, is like the game "Cheat". After certain level, you will be given a trophy.

How to play the game?
Your aim is to get rid of all your cards before all three opponents to advance to the next level.

You place a card on the existing pile (up to four cards of the same type depending on how many cards you have). If you do not have a card of equal or higher value then the cards on the table, then you will have to pick up all the cards.

How to clear the cards?
- Placing a TEN card over anything from a TWO to NINE card will clear the pile and give you another go

- if say your opponents placed three ACES either on its own or on an existing pile, if you have the last ACE and you place it on that pile you can clear that pile and have another go.

Face up cards: You will only play this card when you have clear all your card in hand. You can only use one card at a time.

Face down cards: These are the last cards to go and you don't know what they are until you place them on the pile. If the number is not equal to or higher in value then you have to pick up.

"2" is a powerful card. It can play any cards. So try to keep this till last. Try playing a few time and you will can the hand of it and have a strategy work out. If I can do it, anyone can do it. And I got a gold trophy after playing this for 2 days.

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