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Every month there is a competition held for each of the multiplayer games. The competitions start on the first of each month. You will play the game once per week for 4 weeks. You will be notified by TNT who you will be playing against. If you lose a game, you are eliminated from the contest and will have to wait till the next month to try again.

3 easy trophies to collect are Armada, Geos and Kacheekers.

First Prize - 10,000 NP (gold trophy)
Second Prize - 5,000 NP (silver trophy)
Third Prize - 2,500 NP (bronze trophy)

How do I enter?
To put your name down to enter the next competition, choose which game you want to play and click 'Enter Now'.

You can also select the NST hour that you prefer to play so we can try and match you with with someone with the same preference.

You can register to play the game Here

It's really easy.
It's like a checker game where you control a fleet of ships. You must try to change your opponent's ship to your color. You can only move 2 steps at one time. If you happened to land next to your opponent's ship, their ship will turn to your color. At the end of the game, the person with the most ship wins.

You have to build four separate shapes, one at a time, to win. The shapes are triangle, diamond, circle and square.
Your opponents pieces are hidden until the end of the game!
When it says, "Your Move." Click on an empty space and create your shape. If you happened to create a shape where your opponent has already created a shape on, then you have to find a new place to create your place.

Click on the shape (at neopet site) and it will show you how to build the different shapes.

It's like checker. Really easy.

Now why do I say this is the easiest trophy to get?
Reason is that you have to register next month game this month. Meaning if you register now, you will only get to play next month. And many people register to play, but they also forgot about playing it. It could be that they didn't log in when TNT neomail them and missed playing.

When TNT notified you to play the game, you are given 24 hours to play the game. In the first 24 hours, if your opponent didn't move, you can click the "move or lose" button at the bottom of the page. Once another 24 hours passed and still no responses from your opponent, you can click on "I win!" at the bottom of the page. This will advance you to the next round. And if you can successfully do this 3 times, you get the gold trophy and 10,000np.

That's how I got Gold for my GEO. :D

Do you seriously think I am so good with these game? I am honored. haaahaaahaaa!!!!

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