Battledome Part 2  

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Part 2 will be all about the challengers.

Before you can fight in the battledome, you must first go search your challenger. You will be able to find what challenger you have by going here.

Click on the 1-player and there is a chart that will tell you what challengers you can choose to fight with.

These are the default Challengers. Meaning you don't have to go find them. They are already there waiting for you. LOL.

Chia Clown (10)
Flaming Meerca (40)
Harry the Mutant Moehog (35)
Highland Chia (58)
Inflatable Balthazar (1)
Mootix Warrior (375)
Punchbag Bob (sometimes Sid) (0 or Sid -100)
RoboGrarrl (150)

Easy to find Challengers: ( just click or refresh until you find it)
Balthazar (320)
Cave Chia (10)
Chiazilla (500)
Commander Garoo
Evil Sloth Clone (85)
G H Malevolent Chomby (350)
Giant Ghostkerchief (250)
Ghost Lupe (32)
Grarrg (100)
Jelly Chia (125)
Kauvara (70)
Koi Warrior (62)
Magnus the Torch (85)
Meerca Henchmen (150)
Mummy (42)
Plumbeard (260)
Ryshu the Nimmo (250)
Tiki Tack Man (63)
Snow Beast (300)
Spider Grundo (175)
Zafara Rogue

Random Challengers:
Black Pteri (89)
Count von Roo
Down for Maitnance Pteri (75)
Lava Ghoul at Wheel of Excitment (61)
Pant Devil at Wheel of Excitment (21)
Shadow Usul (175)
Tax Beast
Vira (80)
Greedy Kadoatie (125)

Quest: (When you do a quest from them)
The Brain Tree
Edna the Witch (60)
The Esophagor (49)
Snow Faerie (105)

Advisor Broo (130) - Random while playing Dice-A-Roo
Fire Faerie - Play Ember at Gormball and win.
Kasuki Lu (38) - Buy the trading card "Kasuki Lu" then click on it in your inventory
Lab Ray Scientist (185) - Random Event in the Secret Lab
Meuka (60)- If one of your Neopets gets NeoFlu or Sneezles, visit QuickRef
Sabre-X - when he takes two of your Omelettes in your inventory
Slug Monster - Have Slug Flakes in your inventory and go to Old Maraqua. Open the Go Away pop-up and refresh it.
The Snowager (650) - You must get blasted at his cave when you try to steal something from his treasure
Space Faerie - You need a Rare-Item Code to get challenged by her
Sydney (84) - Win a level 3+ prize from his scratchcards
Tekkitu the Witch Doctor (120) - Send a pet on tour
Turmaculus (225) - Have him eat your petpet

Lastly there is the Challengers from the Defender of Neopia. That will be discussed in Part 3.

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