Battledome Part 1  

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I really shouldn't be talking about this because I am so bad at this. But QiQi wants to fight so I should try my best to make sense of this battledome. :D


The place to bring your neopet to see how tough it is. Only pets with at least one hit point and that are not hungry may battle. Fights may be one-player (against challengers that are unlocked as random events) or two-player (against the pets of other players). Battling is a very popular activity on the Neopets site, and the most powerful battle equipment can cost millions of neopoints to purchase.

There are a total of 7 different arenas to fight in (Regular, Stone, Ice, Island, Space, Water, and Tyrannian), though the only differecnes if battle it makes are the colour schemes of each individual Battledome.

This is what you need to know:

1. Your pet's statistic

Strength - The higher your Strength, the more damage you will inflict on your opponents.

Defense - The higher your Defense, the less damage your opponents will be able to inflict on you.

Movement (Agility) - Has no major significance in the battledome, but depending on how lucky you are sometimes you can hit the enemy without them hitting you.

Health (Endurance) - The higher your Health, the more rounds you will be able to survive in battle.

Level - Your level must increase with the other statistics

Let's say your pet's level is 5, so the breakdown should be:
Strength (max) 10 (2 X level of pet)
Defense (max) 10 (2 X level of pet)
Move (max) 10 (2 X level of pet)
Health (max) 15 (3 X level of pet)

2. Abilities

There are so many abilities your pet can learn from various faeries. 2 abilites that are a must to have comes from the Dark Bottled Faeries. They are Drain Life (level 21) and Sink (level 30). However, your pet has to be a certain level to gain abilities from faerie bottles. So my advise is to train your pet first. Bring up the statistic.

Drain life is a good ability because it sucks 11% of your opponents HP and transfers it to you. The stronger the opponent, the more you suck from them and heal yourself with. You can only use this 3 times unless you use another ability in which case you can use it 2 times.

Sink is awesome because you will can defend against almost all attacks your opponent has. So you can be assured that one round you will take minimal damage. These 2 abilities are a musts if you want to become a serious battler.

3. Freezing

Most opponents who battle often will have a Hypno Helmet equipped. What it does is freeze your opponent for one round while allowing your pet to inflict as much damage on your opponent during the next round.

If your opponent own a Hypno Helmet, you can freeze each other which in effect neutralizes this Hypno Helmet.

If you're fighting a pet that has pretty good stats, almost all players will use the Hypno Helmet in the first round. If you want to be a serious battler, It is recommended to save up for a Hypno Helmet because it is essential to survival.

How to train your pet?
1. Training Schools: Mystery Island Training School and Krawk Island Academy
2. Coltzan's Shrine: You can visit this shrine once every 12 hours. When your pet is young and statistic is low, the Coltzan is very generous.
3. Faerie Quests
4. Lab Ray: This is a scary way to train your pet as it may change in sex, color or species.

4. Challengers:
When you have got all these in place, next on the list will be getting challengers. You can challenge other player or play the 1-player

1. Challenged
If you are being challenged by a stranger, check the owner and their pet forst. Not just his pet, but his shop, his trophies, anything that will give you an idea how serious a player he/she is. Look at all the challengers he has beaten. If there is a challenger that they have beaten that you can't beat, it's probably best not to accept the challenge.

2. 1-player challenger opponents
The difficulty next to the challenger tells you the hit points they have. The higher it is, the stronger the challenger is. So don't challenge those that has doubles your hit points. Train your pet until you're ready to fight.

I will talk about the challenger in the next part 2.

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