Number 6 Avatar  

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Number Six Avatar.

How to get it:
View the About Us page while carrying the same amount of Neopoints on hand as the cost of asparagus. Right now, that amount is 5,231,039 NP. (Check the About Us page. This figure will change without notice.)


Previously in order to get this avatar, you need to have as much np as adam. And Adam used to have like 11,070,786 Neopoints. However, Adam, the ex-owner and creater of Neopets had sold Neopet and left Neopet. Yap, they (Adam and Donna) couldn't play neopets anymore. According to Donna, they can't access their account anymore.

Neopet is getting cheap now. This avatar used to be something to be glorified. But with it's value 1/2, hmmm... it has gone cheap.

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Actually, I remember Adam sometimes lowering his amount to sometimes just 2 nps on hand every once in a blue moon, and as soon as someone noticed there would be a blurp of people all trying to get the avatar before he brought back out all 11mil. again.

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