GMC: Day 7 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge

Difficult As Fulfilling Jhudora's Quest

Send your score in 75 different qualifying Flash games.


2. Game Challenge

Berry Impressive!

Round up those berries and roll to a score of 125 on Turmac Roll.


3. Random Challenge

Three's the key

Play three qualifying Flash games that are on your favourites list.

My Comments:

If you don't have that many qualifying games in your favorite's list. Just add 3 games from the list and play thme.


4. Secret Game Challenge

Ready, Aim, Fire!As a tribute to Neopia's 10th anniversary, an old favourite has returned! Get a score of at least 25 on Ultimate Bullseye I.

My Comment:
There is a glitch. It won't give you the prize. But this challenge is registered as completed.

Glitch fixed.


5. Theme Challenge

The Sky's The Limit

AAA says, "Your chance to soar has finally arrived. Will you make the most of it, or crash and burn?"

* Score 250 in Flycatcher
* Score 1000 in Spacerocked!
* Score 100 in Cooty Wars
* Score 125 in Faerie Cloud Racers
* Score 175 in MAGAX: Destroyer II


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i played the game and was given the prize in the game challenge for Ultimate Bullseye. something must be wrong with your connection.

5:46 AM

There was a glitch earlier when it was first released. But as usual, it's fixed after I wake up. :D

But this GMC is full of glitch. Some games can't load. Every day there is 1 glitch with the challenge.

Seems like TNT needs to do more work.

7:47 AM

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