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I got these information from The Board. Someone was kind enough to post it there.

1. The Goodie Bags are in the NC Mall and appear at random times.

2. When they appear, they appear for everyone, but only for a short period of time.

3. The Goodie Bags are known only to contain Neopoint items, and it's recommended not to open them as the items are not worth much.

4. There are 3 Goodie Bags, and each tells you that if you collect all 3 before Oct. 31st, you receive a "special prize". These are what the bags look like:


Keep checking the NC Mall main page.


Keep refreshing at the NC Mall Main page.
You should be able to see Spyder Web Costume Pack on the main page.
Refresh and then you will see the bag appear (randomly).


Click on it.



Click on "Click Here" to get the bag.
It's free.

If you got it, then you will see this message that say the item has can be found in your item.


Sometimes it can be unsuccessful. So try again.


So far lots of people complained that they couldn't get the Meowclops bag. I have been stalking the NC Mall for hours and all I see is this:


Sold out.

So if anyone out there has this bag already, let me know. Then I will continue to stalk or else, I am just going to give up. :D


Update: October 21

You can get the Meowclop Goodie Bag.



Update: Oct 24, 2008

Someone asked how do you get the prize from the bag.

Click on the bag and a pop up window will show the option.


Click on Open Goodie Bag.
And you will get to see what goodies you got.

Good Luck.

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When i tried to get the bags, i keep on getting a pop up message that says, "Error. This promotion cannot be validated."
Anyone else having the same problem?

Sigh... :(

12:22 AM

I got the Meepit and Spyder ones, but same as kreai, Meowclops always seems to be Sold Out T_T

2:22 AM

thats a relief! i thought that i was unlucky enough to only see the meowclops bag 2 times and always being sold out.

4:11 AM

yeah me too it keeps saying sold out thats really crapy

4:31 AM

i FINALY got it!if you have any questions on what 2 do neomail me at bla_bla_bla_17

4:54 AM

how many times do you have to refresh anyway?

12:53 PM

cy_ryoma, I got that once before. So just try again and finally got the 2nd bag.
But still haven't got the meow one. Sigh...

2:17 PM

It happened again just now.
That makes it 6 times in 3 days for the Spyder Bag... :(

And i was using Firefox...
Can it be my browser's problem?

7:30 PM

FireFox its working, at all the pages that i was reading, people its saying the same "sold out" so... its a glitch or too much people its trying to won the meowclops bag :P

11:18 PM

cy_yroma, I am using firefox too and there is no problem.
I suggest you clear all your cache, cookies, your temporary internet files and do a disk clean up. Restart your computer and try again.

2:37 PM

Cleared my cookies...
Still cannot validate Promo...
I guess i won't be getting anything this year... :(

6:02 PM

cy_ryoma, don't give up. Keep trying.

7:42 PM

Try changing you "country" to united states

10:47 PM

I already got them all!

6:22 AM

i have all of them. i got them all today. it seems that when i got them, it was at 7:13, 8:16, and 9:53. it is possible that they change each hour and that they appear at times when it finished by 13 minutes.(maybe for ulucky 13???)

anyway, my username is panoreabluegirl on neopets

P.S. I got the trick or treat doorstep background witch is a neocash item from my third one i got, witch was the meowclops one.


10:00 AM

I just got the meowclops bag after I read your page. You just have to sit there, keep refreashing the page, and don't give up.

3:30 AM

Yes, don't give up.
You have up to Oct 31.
Keep trying.
And I also realized the bags are available around the :50-:15 time frame.

Thanks for all who sent your messages. Hope it help everyone.

6:49 PM

I just got all 3 within 15 minutes. I think it is really just a random thing. So veryone just keep trying.

7:34 PM

I got the Spyder bag.
I asked Neopets for help yesterday but they never responded to my email...
So not sure if they had to fix some buys... :)

8:59 PM

How do you get the prize after you collect the 3 Halloween Goodie Bags?

11:47 AM

To get the prize, click on the bag and click on Open the Goodie bag in the pop-up window.

Good luck.

2:26 PM

Got all three!
Got the Meowclop & Meepit one right after another.

Will Neocash items be stolen?
Must we leave them in our inventory or can we leave them in the SDB?

6:46 PM

How do you get the prize after you collect the 3 Halloween Goodie Bags?i want the speacil prize

12:27 AM

I'm guessing that the "special prize" will be released on Oct 31. so I, at least, am saving the bags.

3:52 AM

If you collect all 3 by Halloween (31st) and keep them UNOPENED (in your Safety Deposit Box), you get a special prize.

9:18 PM

Has anyone determined if you save the bags or open all 3 to get the SPECIAL PRIZE?

I am seeing much debate in Neopia over this but no iron-clad answers.


12:23 PM

Wait, so we click the New Items section or wut.

11:00 AM

Just go to the NC Mall and refresh there.
The bags won't appear in the New Items section. ;)

6:18 PM

I got Meowclops, and Meepit, Just not Spider yet. Are they going to award you if they are in SDB? OR just inventory?

12:38 PM

Just go here and refresh until you see the bags.


You have 2 more days to do so.

3:08 PM

You have to open all three bags.
You get the prize in the third bag. It will be a neo cash item. and yes you can keep them in your SDB. or your closet, or with your pet.
I went ahead and opened all three of mine and receved the spider dress. My son got a halloween song playing organ for his ncmall prize. If you have any other questions I am crystaldragon29 on neopets.

7:39 PM

I got them all
how do you get the halloween paintbrush

7:23 PM

anonymous, that halloween paintbrush is just rumor. :D

9:30 AM

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