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Lately, I have noticed that the Giant Jelly has been giving out jelly that used to be very either very rare or very expensive and some new one.

I have recently gotten these jelly:


Blueberry Jelly, Chokato Jelly, Thornberry Jelly, Tigersquash Jelly, Blunella Jelly, Pinanna Jelly, Peanut Butter Jelly.

Some of these are not new like Chokato Jelly.
But there were very rare previously. Now it's easier to get it.
So did you get any new jelly? Let me know.


Thanks to Boludototal and May, here's more newer jelly:


CarnaPepper Jelly, Chocolate Jelly, Fish Jelly, Mint Jelly, Raspberry Jelly, Kiwi Jelly, Lint Jelly, Pear Jelly, Purplum Jelly, Smelly Jelly, Squished Jelly

Finally managed to find Robot Jelly. While searching I found a few more new jelly. Wonder if it's given out by the Giant Jelly.


Burnt Jelly, Cheese Jelly, Fire Jelly, Fizzy Faerie Jelly, Frozen Jelly, Mummified Jelly, Queela Jelly, Robot Jelly, Stone Jelly, Tea Jelly.

If you have some of this jelly, you can sell it for quite a lot of NP.
Robot Jelly - only saw this in gallery. Nobody is selling it nor auction it or trading it.
Tea Jelly - 15,000 NP
Mummified Jelly - 6,000 NP

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Hi kreai,
mint jelly,
robot jelly,
fish jelly,
Raspberry Jelly,
Whole Pinanna Jelly,
Whole Kiwi Jelly,
Whole Purplum Jelly,
Chocolate Jelly,
Chocolate Jelly,
Squished Jelly.

thats are the jellys i´ve got near 1 month ago, now... just what you posted :P


strawberry =(

5:33 PM

I got

Lint Jelly
Smelly Jelly
Half Peanut Butter Jelly

7:46 PM

Thanks you all. I will update this post later.

12:19 AM
Aida probably couldn't find robot jelly because they actually call it "robo jelly" and its cheap, last time i check it was about 130np

6:42 AM

You were correct about the thought;
"Are they all given out by the giant jelly?"
The answer is no.

Fizzy Faerie Jelly is a faerie food and no jelly. You can buy it at the faerie bakery on some often occations.
The same counts for tea jelly. Only it ain't faerie jelly. Don't know it by mind.
You can recognize giant jellies, by the image. If it's just an jelly without a plate or so, it's giant jellies jelly =P
Fizzy and Tea has a plate beneath it.
Pirate jelly is a jelly that would cost ya 6.000.000 np and that's the marketprice.
You can check the jelly gallery from rhinohawk. But he hasn't the pirate...don't know if he is that addicted to buy a jelly for 6 mil neopoints =P

10:23 PM

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