Plot: Petpet Protection League - Mission 1  

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Mission Profile:

Dryms are curious, mischievous Petpets, though they are more a source of amusement than they are troublemakers. They love digging for shiny objects, and they're especially fond of burrowing through snow.Your mission, Agent, is to make haste through the Terror Mountain ice caves, reach the portal without delay, and escort the Dryms here unharmed.

Mission 1 - Terror Mountain

Step 1: Click "Enter the Cave"

You will see this cave.

Step 2: Choose either the Right or Left Cave.

As provided by Boludototal, we should choose the cave as followed:


Then if you have click all the correct cave, you will see this:

Step 3: Click "Open Portal".

Step 4: Then Click "Retrieve Drym".

Then you will be greeted with this message:

And so you are done for now.

Other Information:

1. If you make the wrong move, you will see this message:

Don't worry, just click "Try Again".

2. You may see a message like this. Don't get distracted. It's just small talk.

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where to find the cave?
went to terror mountain, can't find.

7:49 AM

May, you have to go the Petpet Park.

Click at the footprint's at the petpet logo.

8:07 AM

When you're at the page of the comic, scroll down to the bottom and the link's there.

5:54 PM

Thank's this really helps! :D

5:51 AM

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