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I have create a sub-blog on Neoquest.
All the posts I have made on Neoquest can now be found in 1 place and in a more comprehensible order and with update.

My Neoquest

I hope it will help those who need helps in getting the Neoquest Trophy.

Right now, only NQ 1 is done.

I will be re-posting NQ 2 later.

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I don't really like the site layout. It makes the page look ugly and unorganized. Sorry.

Plus, the chat makes the page not serious as it should be.

Just a suggestions.

2:38 PM

By the way, it is me Rihards. ;D

2:38 PM

Cool, i have some style at skilling !!!

im doing the spooky level now =)

5:39 PM

Hi Rihards, about the chat, I was just experimenting and forgot to take it out. :D

7:40 PM

boludototal, so you are playing the insane now? wow...

I will be chasing after you. :D

7:41 PM

the spooky level... the level of the esophagor... i dont finished the first level yet xD

6:56 AM

Keep playing. ;D

10:32 PM

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