PetPet Park  

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What is Petpet Park?

Step inside the secret world of Petpets! The Neopets team brings you an all new adventure starring the Neopets' trusted companions - Petpets! In the virtual world of Petpet Park, you'll choose from six new Petpet species, help train them through games, activities and challenges, customize them, and take them out to explore the park and meet friends.Soon you'll be able to experience the lives of Petpets like never before:

- Discover new species
- Adopt your very own
- Play games
- Chat with friends

What do they have?


Weltrude Toy Chest

You will get a prize by opening the toy chest.




Petpet Game

This is the weekly game. This week's game is Petpet Pair Up



Click on the squares to match the Petpet pairs together. Run out of time and it's game over!

Source: From Neopet News

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