Altador Cup III  

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Altador Cup III is here.


(Sigh... why does all these thing have to happen when I am going for holiday?)

Altador Cup team sign-ups start today! It's from June 12 - 16. Matches starts on June 17.
Make sure you sign-up for your favourite team soon so that you can start practicing for your first Altador Cup III match!

Select your favorite team.


It's Shenkuu for me of course.

You will be prompt to confirm your choice.


You will be given a background of your team. Customize it to show your support.
Then go and practice the games.


The Match Date:


The Games:

It's still the 3 games:
Slushie Slinger
Make Some Noise

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I am playing for Shenkuu too. And I asked my board members and they will join too. ;D

3:34 PM
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3:03 AM

Hi :) I joined Shenkuu as well, just like last year!! Hope you're enjoying your holiday and come back soon to play in the Cup ^_^

3:06 AM

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