New Game: Destruct-O-Match III  

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Destruct-O-Match III

Mass hysteria broke out among the citizens of Tyrannia today, as they awoke to discover their most beloved landmarks blocked by huge piles of mysterious boulders! Hungry Neopians were turned away empty-handed from the Giant Omelette, and music lovers were disappointed to find the Concert Hall completely clogged with stones. Where the boulders came from is unknown, but Tyrannia's Council of Elders is begging fellow Neopians to come to Tyrannia and smash them!

The Rules are the same.
Just had a few extra features.

And the game has different design.

Give it a try.

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sry but need 2 ask u sometin i am 13 year old tis year but how come neopets still dun allow me 2 go 2 de neo boards???????

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