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Sloth is back again in full force! This time, he's sent an entire fleet of spaceships to take over the moon. If Kreludor falls to the evil mad scientist, his victory over all of Neopia may very well follow. Play as one of the moon Grundos and defend your home and freedom. Fire at Sloth's ships with your pocket slingshot and keep them at bay. If you can prove your skill, the other Grundos will let you take over the bigger slingshot so you can do some major damage to Sloth's fleet. Just remember, Kreludor must be protected at all costs!

How to play:

Use the UP and Down arrow keys to angle your slingshot.

Use the SPACEBAR to fire.

If your ammo stops on the ground, press SPACEBAR to go on to your next try.
You have 3 tires per level.

If you have a Grundo Boost in your Scoreboard, press "b" to activate it.

If the slightshot turns GREEN, it is at it's highest power.

If it turns RED, it is at its lowest power.

Hit Sloth's Ship at the end of the level to advance to the next level. Your rocks or whatever objects you were using to shoot must be able to hit the ship to push it down to the ground to advance to next level.

There are 3 levels. You should be able to get at least 13k points.

Different Ammos:



Drink Can:

Your ammo may hit objects that are either helpful or harmful to its progresion through the air.

Score is determined by the helpful objects that are hit and your ammo's distance.

The Good Objects:

The purple Grundo will punch up your ammo at a random angle and with a random amount of power. Hitting Purple Grundos gives you 500 Points,

The magma pit greatly angles up your ammo and boosts it with a medium amount of power. Hitting bright orange magma crater openings will get you 100 points.

The green meteor slightly angles up your ammo and boosts it with a high amount of power. Hitting green meteor will get you 200 Points.

If you hit a patch of dirt, you may acquire either extra ammo or a Grundo bonus. Hitting puddle of dirt gives you 1000 Points and either extra life or extra Grundo Boost.

If you have a Grundo bonus icon in your Scoreboard,

press "b" to activate it. A Grundo will fly in and punch your ammo farther.

The Bad Objects:

Your ammo may fall into a crater, so watch out!

The steam vent will send your ammo up into the air, and your ammo will never come back!

The red meteor will blast your ammo into pieces!

The side of a pipe will stop your ammo from going any farther.

Different slingshot.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:


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if you use a boost while under a green meteor your rock will not go as high. this combination basically slows you down.

you can only have 3 stored boosts at a time. you still get the points for finding the bonus ones if your bar is full but you do not get the use of that boost.

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