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I am sure most of you must have notice this little thing on your userlookup.


And I am sure you have been seeing this advertisement around the site:


or this advertisment:


So what's that Key Quest thing on our userlookup?

This is what I have found out.


On 26 Sep 2007, Nickelodeon and Viacomthere (owner of Neopet) made an announcement:

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAKK) and Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products announced today that they have executed a domestic-based master toy licensing agreement to produce a wide array of products based on Neopets(R), - the largest global youth-focused virtual world. JAKKS Pacific was selected to create a full line of toys and merchandise that will capitalize on the expansive virtual world, found at www.neopets.com, and its extraordinary collection of characters.

It said that:

New Toy Line Converges with Online Play Experience for Fans of Neopets, the World's Original Youth-Focused Virtual World, Neopets to Launch Key Quest, a New Multiplayer Gaming & Collecting Experience Linking the JAKKS Plush Line into the Expansive Neopian World

What does this means?

It means:

1. Neopets has teamed up with a toy making company to produce merchandise for Neopet.

2. You have to go out and buy these toys which come with a Key Quest Code number. (just like those trading cards)

And where can you get these plushies? From US stores. This means players outside USA is denied this again.

3. With the code, you can redeem items from Neopets.

This is what Neopet said what Key Quest is all about:

* This Spring, Neopets will be releasing an exciting new multiplayer adventure!

* Chat with friends as you play Key Quest together.

* Earn game pieces and themes by collecting Neopets products or participating in events on the Neopets site.

* Collect multiple game pieces to receive special bonus prizes and additional features.

It has 4 areas:

1. Redeem Key Quest Codes


2. Collector's Case


Collector's Case consists of 6 groups:







Petpet, Villians, Special - Coming Soon


3. Concept Arts:


4. Neopet Products


a. What's in store


b. Series 1 plush



c. Trading Cards

This consists of 2 types:
2-Pak Trading Card Fun Paks


4-Pak Trading Card Fun Paks


d. Neocash Cards

This is another avenue for Neopet to make money.

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my sis did not buy the plushie or cards or wateva but got 6 key quest tingy!!! y???

2:58 PM

pinky, I have no idea.
When this started, it said I have 2 key quest. After a few weeeks, the 2 key quest is gone. Now I have 0 key quest.

So I still have no idea.

3:49 PM

can i have a key quest code. please!

6:54 PM

you can get it at altador cup 4 when you join a team

3:21 PM

Thereis more ways to get tokens:
1. you can buy them at the NC mall
2. you start with a free one
3. you get one when you join the altador cup
4. you can win three of them in events around neopia

6:45 AM

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