Plot: The Return of Dr. Sloth - Prize  

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Go to The Return of Dr. Sloth - Player Stats and check out how you have scored.

I am surprised I can even be a Covert Operative. Photobucket

Don't think we can have the trophy yet.
The prize shop is not out yet.

Maybe you guys and gals can let me know what you got. Like what kind of trophy you will be getting. What rank you get. etc etc etc... Thanks.

Thanks to those who contributed:

Sailorcheer: Neo Elite - 47,325 points

Mark: Covert Operative - 36,840 points

Marisa: Covert Operative - 36,060 points

Kimmi: Covert Operative - 38,590 points

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Hi, I just found your blog, it's amazing! Congrats!

I got a "Neo Elite" trophie, with 47,325 points. ^^

7:16 AM

I got Covert Operative with Points: 36,840. Hopefully I get something cool

7:34 AM

I got Covert Operative
Points: 36,060

11:51 AM

Thanks everyone for your info. Appreciated that.

3:17 PM

not sure if you still need it, but i also got covert operative with 38,590 pts x) i missed out on 3 battle opponents, so that must've also taken plenty of points out of my total~

7:02 AM

Kimmi, (my favorite F1 driver :D)
Thanks for the info. I think I got my points all from battling the 1st 3 opponents. So lesson learnt: Next time beat as many times as I can when it comes to this type of opponent. I remembere beating the 1st 2 opponents 20 times each.

9:21 AM

Neo Elite
Points: 46,900

and... check this... so... bet all.. but just to the limit... i dont know what is it... nbut i think its 100

Garoo Elite Junior Squadron
Wins: 106


12:19 AM

XD lucky you~
my pets are weak (didn't train them, poo~) so i couldn't win the two last major challengers >:!!!
hopefully we didn't miss out on some good prizes with the points we didn't get -hugsyou-

5:02 AM

did you guys see the epiogue? lol!

11:21 AM

Hello, I got Neo Elite with total points of 48,060.... I only fought 2 lots of troops as I am not very strong ;-( ...... We just have to wait and see if theres a shop!!!!

3:45 PM

Hi, I got Resistance Commander with 50,750 points. It seems that 50k is the changing point between Covert Operative and Resistance Commander.

10:08 PM

Does any body knows something about the prizes or something?? Because I know I didn´t get too much but still I want to collect my prize or trophy or something!

12:54 AM

Prize Claim page is

12:43 AM

try this again...

12:44 AM

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