Green Urapa Bead  

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I have made an experiment and found out that in order to gain more np (legally) from your game, all you need is a Green Urapa Bead. So if you have 180,000 np to spare, go to trading place and try to get a Green Urapa Bead. Put it into your Lutari Talisman. Then go and play game. Every now and then you will see something like this:

It will let you have more np from the game. Like a game that gives you 300np per game, it may randomly give you 375np. Yap, you don't have to buy a whole lot of beads. Just this Green Urapa Bead.

Green Urapa Bead

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i checked all of my classmates' neo accnt and the have the key tingys except 4 me!!! not fair lor!!y like tat??

5:10 PM

pinky, I have no idea.
Did they buy any trading card?

5:24 PM

My brother have 3 green bead's and not all time when he sends points he gets bonuses. it's only sometimes.

11:32 PM

Kreai, you are too much intelligent than me so, i gonna tell you what i "know" and you will anallize the ideas

Green Beads: * Increase your chances of encountering a Random Event.

Yellow: * Randomly increases the Neopoint Reward you earn from games.
Red: * Randomly decreases the price of items sold in Neopets Shops (not user shops).

Blue: * Increase your chances of winning something from one of the major dailies (Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine, etc.).

11:50 PM

Rihards, the bonus is random. Someday you get it, someday you don't.

8:06 AM

boludototal, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. I will do some "investigation". :D

8:06 AM

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