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Play as either Apple™ or CinnaMon™. Build your plane with different materials.
Each material has different levels of speed and strength. Click obstacles to
move them out of your way and into your opponent's path. Collect pickups to
increase your health and speed. Make it to the finish line first to advance!

The Mainframe is spitting out all of its files! Catch as many files as possible
in the limited time to earn points and to move on to the next level. Watch out
for nasty viruses. Each virus you catch may stun you, wipe out the files caught
for that level or sap you of one of your lives! Lose all three lives and the
game ends.

How To Play:

Note: This is an easy game to get NP.


3. Piper Panic

Help the JubJub piper charm his Cobralls into clearing the
carpet of baskets. Just make sure that the Cobralls don’t hit the carpet's edge,
or else they'll wriggle into the desert sands and be lost forever! If a Cobrall
performs well, the appreciative crowd will throw the JubJub and his trusty
Petpet jewels and gold coins.

How To Play:


4. Let It Slide

Help the Snuffly find its way through the treacherous Ice
Caves. Dodge falling stalactites, icy crevasses, bone-chilling water, and
menacing Gabars while leading your Snuffly to safety! Collect the gems, but
tread carefully - that ice is slippery!

The Mr. Men character is hiding in a crowded scene. In each
round, you must find him or her. Use your mouse cursor to click his or her
location. Each incorrect guess earns a strike. Failing to find him or her within
the time limit earns a strike. Earning three strikes will end gameplay. Find the
character, earn points, and advance to the next round.

How To Play:

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