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#1: Unicycle Streets

Unicycle Streets: After a recent string of strange events, there are fishbowls throughout the streets of Whoville. As the Mayor, it’s your job to pick them all up before the big Centennial Parade.

Use the arrow keys to navigate the mayor, pick up fishbowls to score points, avoid the crazy cars along the way, and pick up oxygen tanks for an energy burst!

How to play:

#2: Prince Caspian Personality Quiz

Just click away and send score 3 times and get easy 900np a day.

#3: Chef Boyardee Saucy Shot

A boy is so hungry that he has transformed into a flying beast! To help the boy return to normal; you need to satisfy his hunger with the rich, meaty sauce of Chef Boyardee. To do so, guide the flying beast to collect enough Chef Boyardee pasta pieces to satisfy his hunger and return him to normal.
The flying beast is armed with a tomato squirt gun as it flies through the sky searching for Chef Boyardee cans and bowls. Control the beast with the keyboard arrow keys. Hold the SPACEBAR to charge up a saucy shot and release to shoot. Hitting any oncoming Chef Boyardee can or bowl will cause it to release a single piece of pasta. Guide the beast to fly over quickly to pick up the pasta before it falls off.

How to play:

#4. Froot Loops™ Clickity Split

Toucan Sam™ and the Nephews are in search of are in search of the Fruity Treasure - Darkberries! Black Beak's Lost Map can help to lead them there, but it has been torn into pieces. They can see pieces of the map along the ledges of a steep cavern, but the path to the top is treacherous. Toucan Sam™ volunteers to make his way upwards and collect the map pieces, so help him get there. The cavern has a series of platforms that drop away as you move upwards, so you must find your path and keep moving

How to play:

Quite an easy game to play and earn NP. I could score 1,000np per game. That's 3,000np a day.

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