Daily Dare Day #27 - Ready to Roll  

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Today's dare is Ready to Roll.

AAA's Score - 400

Abigail's Score -75


For defeating Abigail, you will get Sunshine Perfume

For defeating AAA, you will get Spike Ball Plushie

I think most of you won't be able to claim your Daily Dare Prize today. When you want to claim your prize you will most probably see this message:

The reason was because of yesterday Daily Dare Glitch. Apparently, there was a glitch in the prize claiming. Apparently you can claim the prize over and over and over and over (you got the picture) again. So there are quite a few people who abused this glitch. They went and collected hundred of that AAA's prize - When Gummy Dice Attack.

This is an expensive book that is selling like 90k np on wizard now. Last night, it went as low as 30k np.

You can read more about it Here or Here.

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i did not buy any trading cards or watsoeva!!!! lame lah y they hv i dun hv some peeps i check up on their accnt got 8 key quest ting liao leh!!!!! so not fair

8:25 PM

There is error when collecting prize so..

Btw, I have beaten AAA on all days. :D

8:36 PM

Pinky, I have checked. There is a glitch. TNT will rectify it sooner or later. So as long as you don't buy any, it will be deleted soon.

9:46 PM

Rihards, congratz.

Nobody can claim the prize for today because lots of ppl abuse a glitch from yesterday.

9:47 PM

oh, I known that selling the book will be bad idea so I didn't sell it yesterday and I will send it a bit later maybe the price will go up. ;)

Good luck everybody whit the Daily Dare there are only 4 days left.

12:43 AM

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