Daily Dare 2008 Merchandise  

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This Daily Dare 2008, came with merchandise.
That is if you want to spend real $$$.
Look at what the NC Mall has to offer.

3 Bubbles:

Roothless Thought Bubble-100 NC

Abigail Thought Bubble-150 NC

AAA Thought Bubble-150 NC

6 Backgrounds:

Destruct-O-Match Background-200 NC

Typing Terror Background-200 NC

Snowball Fight Background-200 NC

Games Master Background-200 NC

Qasalan Expellibox Background-200 NC

Gaming Dungeon Background-200 NC

2 Music Tracks:

Meepit Juice Break Music Track-100 NC

Goparokko Music Track-100 NC


Dice String Lights-150 NC

Dubloon Disaster Mine Earrings-100 NC

Green Daily Dare Mystery Capsule-150 NC

Games Master Headset-150 NC

Wind Up Aristotle-150 NC

Featured Game Ticket-150 NC

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