Plot: The Return of Dr. Sloth (Step)  

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The plot we are waiting for is here. And I am on holiday. Arrgghhh!!!!

It started on January 29, 2008.

Another peaceful day at the space station and no one seems to realize that something evil is coming...

1. Go to the Virtupets Space Station.
Go down the page and you will see this:

2. Maintenance Tunnels

Click on the door and you will see the Maintenance Tunnels.

There should be a door that's clickable. Mine is the right blue door.

3. A Series of Tubes

When you click it, you should see something like this:

a. Puzzle 1.

You need to click on the box with the arrow.

Click on it and the pointer will move.
Then click "GO" on top.

For Puzzle 1, click on the pointer to make it point down.

Then you will see Gorix walking towards the door. This will lead you to Puzzle 2.

b. Puzzle 2.
Click on the box as shown.

Then you will go to the next maze.

c. Puzzle 3.

d. Puzzle 4.

e. Puzzle 5.

That's it for today.

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Ummm you have a rather interesting mistake on the 5th puzzle. You have puzzle #2 as #5. Is there anyway you can fix this??

9:46 AM

thanks anonymous.
Got it fixed.
Posted the wrong pix. :P

10:48 AM

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