Happy Valentine Day  

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Photobucket You say.

But... but... this is still January.

Well, I have been struck by a stomach virus and is not feeling very well to blog this few days.
Plus Chinese New Year is around the corner and I will be going away for a short holiday.

Yeap... another short holiday...


So why do I wish everyone's a Happy Valentine Day so soon?
There is a reason and I don't want others to miss it if you haven't got it yet.

There is 2 things you have to do on this day:

1. Valentine Chia Avatar


How to get:
You can get this avatar when you send a Valentine Card to a friend on Valentine's Day.

2. Valentine Side Bar


How to get:
Send A Mysterious Valentines Card


to a friend on February 14th, you AND your friend will get the Valentines Sidebar and the card WILL disappear.

When you send the card, you will get this SSH:

You have given A Mysterious Valentines Card to '********'. It's sent
anonymously, of course, so they'll never know it was from you.

So you can go find a friend who hasn't got this avatar and sidebar and split the cost of this valentine card.

A friend, boludototal, is selling this card now. For those who reads my blog, he is no stranger to you. The card will be getting more expensive as valentine day is getting closer. So it's a good idea to get it now. You can neomail him to bargain a price. He can be contacted at here.

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is the side theme bar valid 2 only 13 year old peeps??? and y they say i cant send a neo greeting cause they say i dun hv parent permission????????? i remember sending 1 card last year...........

8:34 PM

Well, try changing your age in your profile.

The Theme bar, as i know its avaible to everybody (also, you`ll se it on valentines day as your bar, but just for that day if you dont send the card)

11:01 PM

You can't change you age.

Kreai, check the NAG board mails before having a holidays.

11:37 PM

pinky, is your account a junior onoe? meaing less than 13 years old? Then I am afraid you can't send get this avatar and sidebar because under 13, you can't send items to other player.

4:31 PM

rihards, will do that.

4:31 PM

mine is under 13 year old accnt but if i sent the mysterious card 2 someone would i get the sidebar??

8:57 PM

can you send items?

11:01 PM

I think you will. Because you can get sidebar if you complete a Altador Plot so if you can send a Valentines day card you can receive the sidebar.

11:20 PM

And Kreai, when you will check the board? ^_^

11:23 PM

Under 13 year old account, you can't send any item unless your parents had faxed neopet the consent form.

Pinky, if you can send the item, then yes, you can get the sidebar.

10:24 AM

Kreai, why you didn't check the mails in your board?

Dear, I am waiting almost week when you will read them. :(

12:27 AM
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
12:33 AM

Kreai, I can give you a link of new sidebar. If you need the link I can give it.

12:35 AM

LOL.... Sorry Rihards, I didn't notice the PM. Replied your post already.

1:09 PM

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