What a trip to the Qasalan Expellibox!!!  

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Never got anything good from this box.
Most of the time, I got the X.
Today, ta-ta ... I am lucky.
I landed here.

Yap. I got a disease. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A Reptillioritus disease that is caused by a bite from a venemous Reptillior,
the skin becomes very red and itchy.
Your Neopet will refuse to eat and feel very tired all the time.

I need to rub Cactopus Cream on the affected area.

Cactopus Cream

A check with the wizard nearly gave me a heartattack. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But luckily, luck is on my side. A visit to the Healing Spring cured my pet.

Phew...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Oh, you lucky. After 30 minutes go to Faerie land again. :)

10:51 PM

That is very lucky! I've gotton the disease 4 times already! Lucky for me twice while my guy is a petri. I just fed him something with a worm in it and he was better. The first two though cost an arm and a leg. The fairy wasn't being nice to me at all those days.

12:05 AM

exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday(with the same reaction of mine after checking the wizard).luckily the fairy was nice after several tries...

1:55 AM

Aiks!! My pet also got the same disease! I spent the money to get the cream -- didn't know healing springs can help! Aiya!!

9:34 AM

Oh. Why my didn't? :D Because I'm ver lucky. Ha ha. :D

10:26 PM

Briorias, if your pet got any disease or sick, just visit the healing spring every 1/2 hour until the faerie completed heal it. Don't waste the NP on medicine. It takes time, but your pet will be healed in this way.

But if the medicine is cheap like a few thousand, I will buy the medicine. LOL. Hate to see my pet sick. :D

6:51 AM

me - Wow!!! 4 times? {{faint}}

6:52 AM

Yeah. 4. I'm not so lucky ;)

8:36 PM

Dang.... ouch.. I'v never got a disease 4m the 'box'. *touch wood*

but I did get this today... *evil grin*


9:30 PM

shannon, can't see the pix. It asked for password.

7:05 AM

I wonder how much neocash you can win for the neomall.

6:38 AM

I shouldn't have read this page. Now my pet's got Rep-whatchamacallit. I can't find a single shop selling it at the moment. The pharmacy is out of stock. I gotta wait.

4:20 PM

I heard it gives you 150 NC.

7:15 AM

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