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Posted by kreai

Is this what you get too?

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The day before the Advent Christmas?
Or are they preparing for the plot and it's so big that it crashed neopet system?


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Yep. I'm getting that also. I do hope it for something good :)

4:37 PM

Yap. Me to - and I hope so.

4:42 PM

it is 3:25 am in arizona in the united states and I have been on neopets tonight since around 2:00 am and it was fine. For me

6:26 PM

Bigdog5758, lucky you. It was fine before trhe new day but once it becomes Nov 30 NST, (4pm my time), this keep happening on and off.

6:46 PM

u leave in singapore 2?? didn't no that!! How come last time the new day time is 3pm but now 4 pm??

10:32 PM

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