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It's here.

"Greetings, my name is Aristotle A. Avinroo. Some of you may remember me from earlier this year when I challenged you pathetic gamers to beat my scores. A few of you managed to overcome my Daily Dare challenge, but now I am back, and you won't be so lucky this time!

"You now have no chance to beat me. I've trained long and hard, using my superior IQ to improve all of my gaming methods and strategies. To once again assert myself as the unquestionable master of the Games Room, I am issuing a new challenge! I'll speak slowly and try to explain my proposal as simply as possible, so hopefully you will all be able to understand it.

"This time, I will offer five challenges per day each day for one week. These challenges will consist of games of my choosing. If, by some miracle, you actually manage to complete any of them, you will be rewarded well. The more scores you beat, the better your trophy will be. Of course, there's no chance anyone will get the top trophy, because absolutely no one could possibly beat all of my challenges! Do you think you're ready? Of course you're not, but try to prepare yourself anyway! Let the Games Master Challenge begin! Hahaha!"

How to play the game:

"On 20th of the Month of Storing, I issued the Games Master Challenge! The idea is to complete all the challenges I've handed down. I'm sure it would be difficult for someone like you, but they're really easy for me.

The Rules:

1. Only games from the "Qualifying Games" list will count. I am the Games Master! I can choose whatever games I want!

2. Playing the same game multiple times won't count either. That wouldn't be much of a challenge, now would it?

3. Check the "Qualifying Games" list to see which games you've played and which you haven't.

4. There are some secret challenges to complete.

5. The more challenges you complete, the better your trophy.

6. The Games Master Challenge will end a week from now on the 27th of the Month of Storing! You've got a week to complete all of my challenges.

"That's it, really. Once you complete a challenge, you can click on the gift image to collect your prize. I sure most people won't get that far, though, so I don't expect to be giving away many prizes. Ha ha!"

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