Game Master Challenge: One more day  

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People on the Board are saying that you can still send in score to qualify for the challenge. It seems you have another 24 hours to complete all the games.

Good Luck.


It's OVER.

It was fun doing it with all of you and hello to all the new friends who posted here too. Hope to see you around.

My Prediction - Plot next.

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You have another week actually!
Look at the rules =)

9:40 PM

Kreai is right: the rules read, "The Games Master Challenge will end a week from now on the 27th of the Month of Storing!"
This is the Month of Storing, and today is the 27th.

1:29 AM

The game is over. TNT made the announce at 2pm.

10:33 AM

Oh dear, I don't want to do a plot! Especially those that involve the battledome. -_-


11:49 AM

i still don't understand does the Games Master Challenge ends today or a week from now??

12:34 PM

Its over.

1:25 PM

Its over. But yes - it was lot of fun.

1:25 PM

pinky201100, it's over.

3:53 PM

thanks 2 tell me that it was over:) But can anyone tell me how to fixed the water pipes in the altador plot??

8:31 PM

pinky201100, it's random. You have to just click here and there and click and click. Then check on the front door and see if it's done.

9:29 PM


12:06 AM

yap, no avatar this time round.

6:12 AM

thks!!! If there is a plot or anything new can u pls tell me??:)

1:26 PM

pinky201100, just check back here. If there is a plot, I will be blogging about it. LOL.

8:43 PM

no avatar... sad :(

thx for all :D

10:01 PM

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