Birthday Special  

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I keep forgetting this and that for this birthday special. So let me do a quick summary of what you can and should do.

1. Happy Birthday Avatar. (expire at 4pm SGT today),

2. Monthly Freebie has been reset. You can collect it again today.

3. Game can be played 5 times for a week. So you can send 5 times until Nov 22.

4. Treasure of the Black Pawkeet is FREE today (expire at 4pm SGT today), and 150 NP for the rest of the month.

5. Wheel of Excitement is FREE today (expire at 4pm SGT today), and 1/2 price after 4pm SCT for Nov 16.

6. Swashbuckling Academy will be offering Free training to all your pets. (expire at 4pm SGT today) Note: if your pet is above 50, too bad. You can't get this freebie.

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