The month of Collecting  

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The month of Collecting - October

There is something interesting that's going to happen this month and lots of Neopians will be eagerly waiting.

Theme & Sidebar:

The sidebar can be unlocked on October 31 by refreshing at Haunted Woods at

11:59pm - 11:59:59pm.

Me and my friend was refreshing at that seconds and she got the SHH. I didn't get it. I thought I didn't get the theme. But was happy to find that it was unlocked for me too.

This is how the sidebar and theme looks like:

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Halloween's Goodie Bags
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Last year, we went to this places to refresh to get the goodies bag. Will update later if this places are still valid.

Tyrannian Village
Island Mystic
Moon Mining
Smuggler's Cove
Jhudora's Cloud
Haunted Scratchcards
Goodies inside will fall off the bag when you play it with your pet.
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The time is in NST?

10:33 PM

Rihards, yes it's NST.

6:54 AM

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