Minions and Sidekicks  

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No Hero or Villian Should Have to Stand Alone.

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Heermeedjet and Merouladen
Though they've set out on their own as of late, these Meerca brothers are likely some of the most well known henchmen in neopia. they were teh thieves who stole Coltzan's Crown for Malkus Vile, though the clues the follish Meercas left behind allowed them to be tracked down and the crown recovered.

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Isca's childhood Petpet, an overgrown orange Gulper, seems to be the type of helper everyone would like to have. His huge size alone is enough to scare off just about anyone, and his brave efforts were certainly a deciding force in the defence of New Maraqua during the battle with Captain Scarblade and his cerw.

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Though Captain Scarblade doesn't seem to mind doing h is own dirty work, he can't be everywhere at once. That's why benny the Blade is his trusty first mate. A master of spying and sneaky combat, Benny is just as devious and wretched as his captain (while lacking the same notoriety).

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Most likely because he lacks the ambitious nature of his Desert Scarab cohorts, it seems that Horace has been passed over for much of his life. Although amny see him as only a shadow of Tomos and Nabile, Horace showed his true worth and courage when Sakhmet came under attack by undead forces.

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One of the most famous of all Neopian sidekicks, Jacques played a fairly central role int he Curse of Maraqua plot. Althought he himself had to be saved from the Drenched by Garin and Isca, it's obvious that he has saved Garin's life more times than he can count and is truly a Maraquan hero, thanks to his brave deeds!

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A combination of youth, cockiness, and curiosity, Scrap is generally the type of sidekick that shoudl be thrown overboard! Of course, when you consider this bravery and good nature, things seem to even out. Even gruff Captain Rourke has develoepd a soft spot of this impetuous young Gnorbu!

From Neopet Magazine Issue 24

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