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Welcome to CocoaWorks!

Snap™ is missing - win Neopoints for finding all 8 of his hiding places! Snap™ is turning EVERYTHING into chocolatey milk! Crackle™ and Pop™ have looked everywhere for their brother. Can you help them bring Snap™ back to Cocoaworks?

This is for USA neopians only. When I change my country to USA, I am able to enter CocoaWorks, but I can't get the advertisment. Thus, I can't play this because I am from Singapore and my advertisment on top of the page are all SG related ads. Below are the clues given to me by my USA's friend who doesn't want to be named. Thank you for your help.

First go to The Kitchen to find the Secret Code. This I am able to do when I change my country setting.

1. You will find the book at the Kitchen. Go to the last page of the About the Characters book.

2. Move your mouse around the page until you see the NP symbol.

Click on it to reveal the code.

With this code, go to Game (in the kitchen). Click on the stove and it should bring you to the Milk Surf Game.

Click to play and enter the code.


From here on you have to find the 8 clues. This is what you have to do for every clue:

1. Find the clue on the Bulleting Board.

2. Go to that Neopia World and find the Snap advertisement which is on top of the page.

3. Click on the Ads.

4. This will re-directed you to the Map in the kitchen. Collect your prize using the link given at the bottom of the page.


Clue #1 - Neopia Central

1. View the Bulletin Board. for the first clue.

Clicking on it, and find this clue.

2. Go to Neopia Central.


Clue #2 - Shenkuu

1. View the Bulletin Board for the second clue.

2. Go to Shenkuu


Clue #3 - Terror Mountain

1. View the Bulletin Board for the third clue.

2. Go to Terror Mountain.


Clue #4 - Haunted Woods

1. View the Bulletin Board for the fourth clue.

2. Go to Haunted Woods.


Clue #5 - Space Station1. View the Bulletin Board for the fifth clue.

2. Go to Virtupets Space Station.


Clue #6 - Mystery Island
1. View the Bulletin Board for the sixth clue.

2. Go to Mystery Island.


Clue #7 - Meridell
1. View the Bulletin Board for the seventh clue.

2. Go to Meridell.


Clue #8 - Chocolate Factory
1. View the Bulletin Board for the eighth clue.

2. Go to Chocolate Factory at Neopian Bazzar.


The Prize:
Neopia Central Chocolate Milk Glass
Shenkuu Chocolate Milk Glass
Terror Mountain Chocolate Milk Glass
Haunted Woods Chocolate Milk Glass
Space Station Chocolate Milk Glass
Mystery Island Chocolate Milk Glass
Meridellian Chocolate Milk Glass
Magical Chocolatey Spoon

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Go to that Neopia World and find the Snap advertisement which is on top of the page.

Each world oso has the advertisement?

2:18 PM

Can't find the snap ad - i only see "Jamster" ads.

2:27 PM

May, we outside USA can't get the ads. So we can't play this.

4:08 PM

haha, ya lor, after reading with my eyes open, then realize... haha

8:38 AM

LOL! i didnt read properly and was following blindly then realized it's only meant for US residents.
and now i know u r from sg too which i thought u are from some other country. LOL

10:54 PM

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