Altador Cup Prizes  

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If you participated in the Altador Cup you will be very pleased to discover that the Altador Cup Coordinating Committee's Prize Shop Subcommittee has convened and deliberated. You can now visit the Prize Shop to claim your trophies and prizes!

Or, you can stand outside the prize shop and hope your prizes come to you, but we don't recommend it.

The Prizes:

From the Altador Cup News Center:
Also, please be advised that the Prize Shop will not be open forever, so it is in your best interest to head there sooner rather than later, or else you might find the shop closed until next year!

So hurry and go claim your prize.

If you didn't participate in last year cup or didn't get the theme or avatar last year and this year you meet thei minimum qualification, you will also get this side-bar theme and avatar:

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Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap - 6800300 NP OMG!!

2:29 AM

i had 7,500 points for this and i sold my items and i probably got around 850,000 nps for all of it.....

then i spent it on BD

10:15 PM

COME ON! We took 4th, after making it into the playoffs, and WE GET LESS THAN A RESERVE PLAYER THAT JUMPED TO ONE OF THE WINNING TEAMS?? THAT IS BULL! And these battledome prizes stink too... dang.

5:41 PM

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